The 15th Antarctic Activity Week


From I1HYW, Gianni:

“For over 15 years the annual Antarctic Activity Week is running with the unique purpose of fostering interest in the Antarctic region and its related facts.

“The  15th Antarctic Activity Week (AAW) will begin Saturday  February 17th, and runs to 24:00 UTC Sunday,February 25th. Someone may ask the reason of why this edition is two days longer than the past years; well, several participants did ask the possibility to have 2 weekends instead of 1 … so this year will be a test, if 2 more days are felt too long, next edition will return back to 7 days activity.

“It’s time now to book the 15th AAW, getting your special call, your WAP reference number and jump into the unique International Ham event to promote Antarctica … join in and enjoy it!

“Look for the several special event stations world-wide that will animate the 15th  AAW; each one has its own super special QSL card available. Check the list of SES station

at:, QSL routes and attractive Awards.


“Thanks everyone for joining in.”