ZK3A update – by YT1AD, Hrane Milosevic


Preparations for DX expedition are in the final stage. Three team members Adrian, KO8SCA; Dusko, ZL3WW; and Bob, N7QT will travel 7 days before main team and prepare location for activity. ZK3A team will be on all 3 Tokelau islands – Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu from Amateur Radio Clubs with Calls:


Each Club will have a TS-590S, dipole for 40 and 20 meters and ZK3RF will have also A3S and Linear amplifier 800 Watts. Each club will use electricity from solar panels and for reserve, ZK3A delivery for each island 6 kVA generator. Total donation from our team is about 8000 US$.

More information on our site: https://tokelau2019.com/

Any donation is very WELCOME!!

The team will issue also Award: CONNECT ZK3A with next rules:

The Conditions for obtaining a diploma are approved by the ZK3A team.

The diploma is issued in electronic form:

  1. For 3 QSO’s with ZK3A on 3 different bands on any modes.
  2. For 3 QSO’s with ZK3A on 3 different modes on any bands.

Applications for a diploma should be sent to the manager –  uz1rr@ukr.net

All information about the ZK3A diploma and its sample – look at the Ukrainian radio portal http://uarl.com.ua/